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Zodiac Tarot Spread

This is one version of the Zodiac spread that can show the energy of your astrological natal chart:

Draw one card for each of the 12 houses and pull an additional 4 cards for the Ascendant (outside of the far left card), the IC (outside of the bottom card), the Descendant (outside of the far right card), and the MC (outside of the top card). You can draw an additional one or two cards to place in the center as the culminating energy of the chart.

The Will of the Soul:

Center: The World + 6 of Wands

1st House: Strength

2nd House: 3 of Cups

3rd House: Judgement

4th House: 4 of Pentacles

5th House: 3 of Swords

6th House: The Magician

7th House: Ace of Cups

8th House: The Emperor

9th House: King of Pentacles

10th House: 9 of Pentacles

11th House: Lovers

12th House: 2 of Wands

Ascendent: Knight of Cups

IC: 7 of Pentacles

Descendent: 5 of Pentacles

Mid-Heaven: Knight of Swords

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