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Star-Crossed Lovers

In the words of french poet & writer, Antoine Saint de Exupery, "Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction". Have an Astrologer look in the directions that you and your partner are looking. Get a star-crossed lovers reading through Relationship Compatibility Astrology to find out what's next in your love life!

As a professional astrologer and reader, the most common hot topics of discussion revolve around Venus issues: Love and Money.

Romance Compatibility in Couple's Astrology Charts

That which gives us pleasure in life. One of my favorite sayings is that Money (Venus) can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you pleasure ;) We all want pleasureable things in our lives, to feel good and happy. Most of our motivations are either to seek pleasure, or to avoid pain. However, we can't sidestep the lessons that make us grow past our fuzzy, comfy security blankets that we tuck ourselves into cozily. Pleasure and pain are unavoidable, because without one, we wouldn't know the contrast of the opposite.

Life is like licking honey off a thorn. Especially in the realm of our relationships. Relationships of all sorts and all roles. They make up most of the important aspects of our lives. Including the relationship with self. Here is where Astrology comes in. Aside from asking an Astrologer, "when will I meet my soul-mate?", the most common inquiry is something like, "what does he or she feel/think about me?", or "what is so and so's intentions concerning me?" We already know how we perceive our partners. But the million dollar question is, how do they perceive us? Without directly asking them, Astrology can show this. And it reveals not only your subjective experience of them, nor simply their subjective experience of you, but it gives an objective perspective interpreted by a non-biased third party.

"Synastry" is a fancy astrology term where you overlay the horoscopes of two people on top of each other from each other's ascendant and assess the areas of compatibility through the strengths and weaknesses, quality and functionality of the relationship, as well as how they perceive each other from their subjective experience. It is a fabulous tool for understanding what each person brings to the relationship. The relationship as a whole is a "third entity", created from both people's energy meshed together. This can be done with any relationship.. be it your lover, friend, boss, coworker, sibling, child, or cat. It's also useful in understanding why some people just "click" with you, and others just rub you the wrong way with no reasonable explanation as to why... this can all be seen in the chart :)

Namaste _/\_

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