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YouTube Space - Los Angeles

So grateful to have seen Lilly Singh at the YouTube Space Los Angeles for the #GirlLove talk to end girl-on-girl hate. I was so inspired by the message that she and the other panelists shared about supporting, uplifting and encouraging other girls and women.


YouTube Space LA hosted the Vidcon After After Party event to connect with other content creators.

*Fun fact: playing cards are a modern-day evolution of Tarot cards, used for games and gambling as well as divination!

I create monthly Tarot forecast videos and Tarot card tutorials for my YouTube channel here:


American Tarot Association's

Quarterly Journal

American Tarot Association

VoyageLA Magazine


Dream Interpreter at

The Los Angeles Music Center's: SLEEPLESS

Music Center • Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours
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video: Los Angeles Music Center

Live Radio Interview:

"Let's Get Metaphysical with SunGoddess Ashley"

Let’s Get Metaphysical - 9/27/16 -
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