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Tarot & Oracle Card Readings


My readings advise on any matter pertaining to your life. I answer any general inquiries or specific questions you have.

(Phone or Zoom)

30 minutes - $80

1 Hour - $150

Dream Interpretation


This reading interprets symbolic messages encoded in your dream impressions. I can supplement interpreting specific messages or questions you have about your dream with the Tarot and Oracle cards.

 30 minutes - $80

Relationship Compatibility Readings


I evaluate the natal charts of two people, and through a process of synastry, I determine the areas and level of compatibility between them.

Vedic Astrology Couples Chart Analysis - $250


Vedic Astrology Consultations


Your natal chart is derived from your birth time, date, and location, which conveys the story of your life purpose. Interpreting your birth chart using the sidereal system of ancient Vedic Astrology, I am able to accurately predict major themes and timing of events that will occur in your life.

(via Zoom)

Astrology Chart Reading - $180


Astrocartography Chart Readings


Some places resonate with us more than others. I interpret the how you are affected by the geographical locations around the world, and which places are best to relocate or travel according to your personal Astrology chart.

Astrocartography Chart - $120

Astrology Transits Report


Follow-up sessions to your initial Natal Chart Constellation Consultation will focus on upcoming transits and future events that will impact you. This session reveals what to look out for regarding more enjoyable days/weeks of the year, or more difficult days/weeks of the year and how to navigate them. 


Follow-up Readings 30 minutes - $80

Astrology & Tarot Packages

Bundle a combination of services according to your needs


*Special*  Birthday Package

Your Astrology Chart's Solar Return & Oracle  Card Reading: 12 month forecast! $108

1 Hour Tarot Reading & Dream Interpretation - $140

90 Minute Vedic Astrology Chart & Tarot Reading - $222

Private Parties & Corporate Events

$200 / hr. 

($100 deposit to book)

*Legal Disclaimer:

By purchasing any service or product by SunGoddess Ashley, you agree and accept the following: SunGoddess Ashley is NOT responsible for any actions taken by an individual after receiving a reading. Only guidance and advice will be stated in these readings. Any action taken by an individual after a reading is of their own free will. All readings with SunGoddess Ashley are confidential and will remain between SunGoddess Ashley and the client. Personal readings are not to be published or posted on any public media site. Copyright and confidentiality laws apply. You agree that will you not publish, display, share, distribute, and/or archive any material, photo, content, etc. without the expressed written permission from SunGoddess Ashley. 


Effective January 1, 2019 - Absolutely NO REFUNDS are available after purchasing a reading or service. Refunds will only be available should there be a cancellation needed from SunGoddess Ashley. Reading times are based on the schedule of SunGoddess Ashley and are subject to change. Should a scheduled reading date change, you will be notified by SunGoddess Ashley prior to your session. 

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