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Tarot Card combinations with the Tower in the Major and Minor Arcana

When the Tower is paired with the majors that represent the energy of “control”, we can see that these changes are deliberate, or welcome!

For example, the Strength card is the quintessential card of control. When paired with the Tower, the changes are something that is really being pushed to happen and there is a lot of strenuous effort involved.

The Magician is known as the “manifestor” card. He is a conscious and aware of what he is trying to create and he may experiment with unfamiliar things. When paired with the Tower, the changes are deliberate and purposeful.

The Emperor is another card that is typical of exemplifying control. When paired with the Tower, the changes are something that he is commanding and willing to happen within his sphere of influence. This is a pair that is deliberate.

The Temperance is an adjustment card. He is concentrating on blending and separating according to what forces he is trying to temper. When paired with the Tower, the changes are neutralizing and balancing, removing anything that is disrupting the natural balance of flow. These two cards paired together show deliberation, indicating that change is welcome and necessary.

The Chariot is another card that represents control and determination. This card is actually kind of iffy when paired with the Tower. In one aspect, changes can be deliberate, especially if the chariot is leaving the tower. This can be confirmed if the other cards for example are the Sun and the World, then you know that the departure is necessary for achievement of goals and there will be success because of it. On the other hand, when the chariot is paired with the Tower, sometimes this can be a disaster, such as a car collision. This would definitely be confirmed if the reckless energy of the Knight of Swords is nearby.

The Tower paired with the minor cards show the details of what the tower is impacting.

Paired with the pentacle cards, they represent practical matters. Paired with the wand cards, they represent immediate actions. Paired with the sword cards, they can represent danger. Paired with the cups cards, they can represent changes in relationships.

Card Combinations with the Tower

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