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Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious planetary alignment that happens once a year celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Vedic Astrologers! It's the day of the year when the Moon & the Sun are exalted in their respective signs. The Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries, and the Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus.

Lunisolar Celebration

Western and Vedic Astrology consider the exaltation point of the Sun to be at different degrees. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is said to be exalted at 10 degrees of Aries, and in Western Astrology, it is 19 degrees of Aries. Both systems have the Moon exalted at 3 degrees of Taurus.

During Akshaya Tritiya, this favorable positioning of the Sun and Moon emit the most potent solar and lunar energy, where they are functioning at their highest, maximum strength in their exalted signs. Because the planets always affect and influence our lives, this planetary alignment blesses us with beneficial energy. Being consciously aware of this celestial event and connecting to the energy can be powerful, therefore, the sky is honored and celebrated this day to welcome strong, lasting, positive changes.

In Sanskrit, “Akshaya” means eternal, as in prosperous, hopeful and successful; and Tritiya means “third”, as in the waxing third lunar day of the Spring month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar (which is different from the Gregorian calendar). This is a very good day to develop wealth consciousness, as the Moon takes on this prosperous energy from the sign of Taurus. To do this, meditate and focus on the concept of non-declining wealth. During this unique time, it is possible to access the consciousness that only allows for growth. Activities done on this day have a magnifying and multiplying effect, therefore it is considered an excellent day to start a new venture. From an astrological perspective, this is really when we feel the essence of Spring’s fresh energy heralding new beginnings.

Namaste _/\_

SunGoddess Ashley

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