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Tarot Cards that represent the 12 Zodiac Signs in Astrology

The traditional sign-indicator cards are: Aries as the Emperor, Taurus as the Hierophant, Gemini as the Lovers, Cancer as the Chariot, Leo as Strength, Virgo as the Hermit, Libra as Justice, Scorpio as Death, Sagittarius as Temperance, Capricorn as the Devil, Aquarius as the Star and Pisces as the Moon.

The traditional planetary-indicator cards are: The Sun as the Sun, The Moon as the High Priestess, Mercury as the Magician, Venus as the Empress, Mars as the Tower, Jupiter as the Wheel of Fortune, Saturn as the World, Uranus as the Fool, Neptune as the Hanged man, and Pluto as Judgment.

Astrology Card Indicators

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