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Using Tarot Cards in Metaphysical and Magical Practices

Besides divination, you can use Tarot Cards for other magical purposes, such as creating a crystal grid incorporating the cards for a visual representation of what you want to manifest. You are able to do this with any of the cards in the Tarot deck to amplify their energies. Selenite gypsum’s properties are for clearing blocks and dissolving impure energy, as it naturally dissolves in water. Selenite is used to enhance other pure forms of energy such as other crystals, archetypal images found in the tarot, as well as assisting your intentions and will-power.

Being the magician:

I chose 8 selenite wands for this grid specifically because the number 8 represents magic. The number 8 is the lemniscate turned on it’s side as you can see in the magician card. It is the symbol of the eternal and constant flow of energy. As clearly depicted in the magician card, humans are energy conductors. The magician is drawing energy from the ethers and directing it down to the physical world. He is an antenna of energy and so are we. Awareness and focused intention of what energy is flowing through us to be created as our experience is of paramount importance. “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so my soul.”…. “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. So be it. This is the magician’s message.

Crystal Grids using Tarot Cards

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